We offer 10ft and 20ft completely sealed shipping containers both inside and outside of the building. 

Perfect for de-cluttering or storing the contents of a room while renovating, they can hold some furniture such as 1 or 2 seater sofas but are not recommended for big furniture such as large sofas that can’t separate due to the restricted length. Although length wise they are not as accommodating they are the same height as our bigger containers so they are also great for stacking boxes or other items on shelves. 

Most popular and most commonly used as an alternative for a lack of garage space at home or for storing furniture/household items while moving house our 20ft containers can fit almost anything! 

We hope the size guide helped give you an idea of how much space you will need but if not don’t hesitate to stop in and take a look for yourself! We are always happy to show people around the facilities as we know it’s not easy estimating how much space you are going to need!